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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Working date night? French Bread Pizza!

OK can I tell you that, in my honest opinion, my BFF Tammy makes THE BEST french bread pizza I ever had!  Now being Italian that's saying something.  And lately I have been CRAVING it!  Since we don't live just a couple houses down anymore, it's not easy to beg her to make it for me. :0)  On top of the fact that I think secretly my husband is a pizza junkie.  I swear EVERY weekend he mentions pizza.  Problem is none of the pizza places around us thrill me.  I guess I spoiled myself with my homemade pizza and nothing else will do.  Add to it we HAVE to finish getting organized here.  We still have stuff in boxes from moving back in the house after the flood repairs.  And have stuff to consolidate since we got rid of our storage unit.  Yes I KNOW it sounds like a lot and sometimes seems very overwhelming.  So our plan was to put up our shelves to empty 3 more bins.  But we have to eat.  So why not calm the craving with something quick?  Oh yeah!  You guessed it!  French Bread Pizza!!!

The thing about it is that it's YOUR pizza so make it YOUR way!  Hubby's never made it so he watched and then made his.  LOL  It all starts with the ingredients.  Check your pantry, check the fridge, and run out and get what you don't have.  
Here's what we used:

 I know, I know!  People say there isn't much difference between regular marinara sauce and pizza sauce.  I say for me I like a pizza sauce.  It's thicker than regular marinara but use what you like and what you have.  I love this sauce and use it whenever I make my homemade pizza.  Pretty simple ingredients.  I forgot to pick up bacon, so bacon pieces would have to do in a pinch. ;0)  So what do you do?  Load it on!  However you like it!  Pretty simple right?  Though I do recommend if you are going to put on onions, peppers, or mushrooms you give them a quick sautee.  I did mine separately but you can do them all together.  I love garlic, and thankfully so does hubby so I sprinkled the peppers and mushrooms with a little TS Garlic Garlic while they were cooking.  I also used my TS Roasted Garlic Infused Oil and lightly basted the bread before piling on the ingredients.  My last ingredient was a sprinkle of TS Dried Tomato & Garlic Pesto seasoning.  Gave it a little something.  Hubby likes it pretty simple.  So while he used most of the ingredients, he skipped the sprinkling of seasoning, which is fine by me.  LOL

Then pop it on a baking sheet and bake in 375 degree oven for 10-15 minutes.  Once you see the cheese is melted, which won't take long and since everything else is already cooked you're just looking to melt the cheese and warm it all up.  You can take it out now OR do what I did and put it under the broiler for a few minutes to get that nice brown, crispy cheese.  
Like I said ... quick, easy and we were putting our shelves up in no time!  It wasn't my BFF's french bread pizza but it was VERY tasty and calmed the craving!  I'm hoping she makes it soon ... otherwise I will have to resort to making this again!  Of course I don't think hubby will be complaining.  So raid the fridge and pantry!  Pile on what you want!  Pizza is only limited by your imagination and this definitely is not a budget buster!  So make what you like, however you like as for this pizza there really isn't a recipe.  But the best ingredient to ANY dish is you ... Enjoy!!!!!!