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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Starting Over

Hi ~ I'm Melody and am taking a journey that I'm inviting you to follow me on. In January 2011 I lost my job after 23 years. Going from a 40+ hour work week to not having a job is well SHOCKING. Starting over again in a new job at 40 is well DEPRESSING.

Now I'm going through the process of finding a new job, putting together a resume, interviewing, etc. So as I started to go through this process of searching and I'm finding that nothing is interesting to me. I am not finding anything I want to do, something that would make me happy. I know, a job is a job whether you're happy or not. Then I thought, what will make me happy. I LOVE to cook. I LOVE to bake. I'm great at both! So I thought restaurant. Why not right? Then I thought … that's A LOT overwhelming. Then I got scared. So after interviewing for another job that I KNOW I won't be happy in and have already been told I'm over qualified for, I had a heart to heart with my husband. He has been SO supportive through this whole thing, and I'm very THANKFUL for it. We discussed the possibility of opening a bakery, focusing on ONE of the things I love.

Problem is to open a business you need more than ideas, THOSE I am full of. You need the business side of it, THAT I don't have. So while I'm trying to figure it out, I'm going to share with you the cooking and baking that I do for my friends and family.

Whatever may come this is my adventure, my journey. At 40, starting over and hoping it all works out!

I look forward to taking you taking you along with me!!!!!