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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Decisions, Decisions All based on trial and error

I was cruising Pintrest today and my phone went off, text message from my BFF Tammy.  She pinned something that she thought I should try for Easter.  Nice!!!!  Something new to try.  
I guess I should tell you something about me, I never try something new on the day I'll be serving.  Never!  So who benefits from the testing?  Anyone that's close. Usually hubby, which he totally appreciates, and anyone home at my family home.  Unfortunately my sister Christin is out of lucky until Sunday.  See she gave up sweets for Lent.  Eek!  In that time she has missed 3 birthday cakes and anything I make that's sweet.  Needless to say she has not been a very happy person lately.  Thankfully it will be over for her soon.  She has requested the brownie in a mug as of 12:01 on Sunday.  LOL

This holiday I did not ask what anyone wanted for dessert this time.  I usually do but I usually get the same results.  Something I've made countless times.  So when Tammy sent me that text, she will never know how thankful I was.  Now I've never made these before so it really is trial and error.  Easy peasy cream puffs.  I do mean easy, if you heed the instructions.  Which I must say I did not.  *sighs*

I did fix it and they came out very tasty but there are somethings I will be changing the next time around.  The pin was from Lille Punkin.  And for once I really did follow the instructions without changes and this was the result.

The first thing I must stress is to follow the listed saucepan size.  When she says small, she means small.  I would not recommend doing it in anything bigger than a quart sized saucepan.  Anything larger and you will have a difficult time figuring out when the dough pulls away from the pan.  

This recipe makes 6 - 9 puffs.  I recommend just using your tablespoons to drop the dough, quick and easy.  

Then there is the filling.  This time I used banana pudding, which it turned out wonderfully.  I didn't have a can of Rediwhip so I made 1 cup (8oz) whipped cream and folded that into the pudding.  I liked it but I like mine a little thicker, richer more like a mousse texture.  So next time I will use 1 cup milk and 8oz Cool Whip.  I know, bad Melody!  But I do like the texture better.  Oh and FYI, when I use a pudding if it's not sugar free I will use a sugar free Cool Whip as not to add any extra sugar to the dessert.  I like sweet but not tooth hurting sweet.  I also used my silpat mat instead of parchment paper and it worked just fine.  I filled one without cutting and one after cutting.  Either way it works.  Just be careful if filling without cutting it open.  Blow outs are possible.  You can use whatever flavor pudding you like.  You can top them with some extra whipped cream.  If you use chocolate pudding, you can top with some chocolate syrup or a dusting of cocoa powder.  If you do a vanilla I would recommend a caramel syrup.  Oh yum!  I haven't decided what flavor pudding I'm going to do for Sunday, but I know that these will definitely be on the menu.  So THANK YOU TAMMY for find this and pinning it for me!!!!  Can't wait to see how yours turns out. ;0)   Please make these, they are light and fluffy and so yummy.  Plus being easy to make, makes it great for a last minute dessert.  Whether you make them for Easter Sunday or just because, no matter what pudding you use or whether you use whipped cream or Cool Whip, remember that the best ingredient to any recipe is you.... Enjoy!!!!