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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tasty cool dinner .... relief from the heat.

Finally some relief from the heat so WHO wants to heat up the house to cook something?  But eating out is not only not as healthy but can be expensive.  I made a wonderful chilled salad that was not only healthy but oh so yummy and was able to incorporate things from the garden.

Tuna noodle salad.  I'm sure your moms, or you yourself have a different name for it ... I say we just call it yummy!  With temperatures in the 100s for DAYS when it finally breaks I definitely didn't want to heat up the house making an elaborate HOT dinner. 

Above is the result of not heating up the house but wanting something healthy since we ate out too many times this week due to loosing electricity for almost 2 days.

My recipe for Tuna Noodle Salad
6oz Wheat pasta shells, cooked according to package directions, drained, and chilled
3 Large Eggs, hard boiled, peeled, and chopped bite size pieces
3 7oz cans tuna, drained
1 can petite peas, drained and rinsed
2 scallions, diced bite size
2 stalks celery, diced bite size
6oz Cherry tomatoes, cut in half
1/2 zucchini, diced bite size (Right out of the garden.)
1 Tablespoon dill, minced (Right out of the garden.)
2/3 Cup mayo
2 Tablespoons plain yogurt
Some fresh ground black pepper

Mix it together and chill for a least 1/2 hour.  

You can pretty much add whatever you want or you can make it simply with tuna and noodles.  Every recipe is open to interpretation.  That's the best thing about cooking.  Doesn't hurt to try something once, then you know not to do it again.  I like using recipes as ideas and doing what I know we will or won't like.  It just that easy.  But you have to like to experiment.  It's not expensive to do that and you end up creating such wonderful meals, snack, or desserts.  I love using what I have learned and sharing it with people.  But as I give them the recipe, and you will notice when I write the recipe I used, they can change to suit their taste.  THAT is the most important ingredient in any recipe, YOU.