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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A tip and a treat!

I was on my Facebook and saw a post that had me stopping in my tracks, one that I just HAD to share with you.  How many of you have seen the advertisement for the pan to create a taco bowl?  I said to hubby, "Wow!  That would be neat!"  His response to me was how often would you use that.  I had to laugh.  He's right.  So when I saw this I thought, heck I don't need that pan I have something to do that already here at home.  (

(Photo courtesy of The Garden Pantry)

To create those, turn your muffin pan upside down, spay with cooking spray and bake tortillas for at 375F for 10 minutes or until golden brown.
I just had to share this on my wall!  So as people started to comment, an old school friend (Thanks Cassandra) said she bet it would work for her won-tons and the mini muffing tin.  And I thought WONDERFUL idea.  I just happen to have won-ton wrappers in the fridge.  Let's try it!

 It's a little blurry ... sorry about that!
I put some freshly ground some cinnamon and sugar on the won-ton wrapper, sprayed the pan, tucked the won-ton wrappers in and popped them in the oven.  Baked for 10 minutes and took them out and set aside to cool.  Now the question was what to fill it with.  I am apple and pear crazy lately so what better to fill them with.  
So I took half of an apple and half of a pear, peeled and chopped them up, sprinkled some all spice on them, tossed them in a tablespoon of melted butter with some toasted, sliced almonds and sauteed until soft, but firm.  Put about a tablespoon in each cup (of course you can fill it up as much as you want), drizzle some home made caramel syrup over it and WOAH!  So yum!  For those looking for something quick and a small dessert, this is a wonderful treat. Can't wait for hubby to try them! Remember the best ingredient to any recipe is you ... Enjoy!!!!